Who are we?

We’re not your typical church ⛪. Yes, we have a particular order to how we run our services, but we are not limited by tradition or held back by individual personal preferences. During our worship services, we laugh together, pray together 🙏, sing and praise together. We take time to fellowship and genuinely show concern for everyone that enters our church.

There is absolutely no judgment within The Body of Christ at HBC. How you look or how you dress 🦸‍♀️ has no effect on our ability to love you where you are. Our main focus is to share the true and authentic love of our Lord Jesus Christ with all people.

We wear our hearts 💗 on our sleeves, we’re united in our mission for Christ, and we believe that God has a plan for everyone. So, come give us a visit and allow us to prove to you, that “It’s not all about us, it’s all about Jesus”.

History of Heritage

Heritage Baptist Church and the adjacent cemetery has a rich and long history in Taylor County. The first church on record at the site where Heritage Baptist currently resides dates back to the early 19th century! Known as the Baptist Church of Christ it was constituted into a body in the Apostolic order on September 13, 1829 with a total of 12 members. Later that year, on November 7th, the present day location was selected to build a church. In 1837 the congregation formally took on the name of New Hope Primitive Baptist.

New Hope Primitive Baptist Church circa 1970

After over a century of active membership, New Hope Primitive Baptist dwindled into non-existence in the early 1990s. But the church building didn’t remain abandoned for long. In the mid-1990s, a group of non-denominational believers occupied the building and established Good News Christian Fellowship. However, by the end of the decade the building became vacant.

Good News Christian Fellowship circa 1990s

On May 7, 2000 the church at New Hope Cemetery was once again occupied by a body of believers looking to build on that firm foundation. They voted to call this new church “Heritage Baptist” with the mission to “know Him and make Him known.”

Twenty years later and Heritage Baptist Church is still working to maintain a biblically sound foundation. We’re continuing on our mission to know Him and to make Him known. We invite you to join us on that mission – whether it’s within the four walls of our church building, or within your very own community. We are here to spread the love of Christ.

Heritage Baptist Church circa 2018