Sounds like a good excuse, "Writer’s Block." The last time I wrote in Kevin’s Corner was on February 25th.So, that’s almost 2 months ago. Truth be told, I just haven’t felt the need to write. For me though, that’s not a good thing. I’m the type of individual that keeps things inside until they finally explode. Now before you pass judgement, look in the mirror. I’m fairly certain I’m not alone on the ship S.S. Steamboat. We all have our moments of silence. Moments when we feel as if noone is listening or as if anyone really cares. Those moments build up to a boiling point and then, boom! Fortunately for me, I haven’t exploded on anyone but myself. I’m my biggest fan and my worst critic. I even struggled with writing this post. Who’s cares? Who’s gonna read it? What’s the point? Don’t you just love how easily doubt sneaks into your head like a cockroach into your kitchen! Doubt can prevent blessings, prevent service and even prevent writing…….
Remove doubt! Pray it out! Cast it out! Throw it out!
O look, writers block went away.

Bro Kevin

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