Ten Four….
I remember being a kid, learning how to operate my Dad’s CB home base radio. He taught me how to turn it on, turn on the amplifier and adjust the frequency. I could remember talking to a man in South America, another in Barbados. I would spend many nights with my Dad talking to people all over the world through that CB Radio. Man how times have changed. Just the other day, I used my smart phone to Facetime a missionary from Uganda. I bring this up because today marks 1year since my Dad went on to be with His Lord Jesus. October 4th, 2019. He died on 10/4…..
If I could fire up a CB radio and tune it in to heaven, I’m absolutely confident that Dad would say, "All is well here, your Mom says hello and Jesus sends His Love". My response of course would be, 10/4…..
Love yah Dad….

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