Yes, I know that saying the word “Dumb” can be a word that could possible “Trigger” this new generation, so let me elaborate before someone has an emotional breakdown or sends our administrator of this BLOG a “Nasty Gram”. The definition of the word “Dumb” is temporally unable to speak or unwilling to speak. Now, here comes the context of the title of this thought, Christians are often too “DUMB”, or unwilling to speak. Yep, I said it and I use to be completely “Dumb” myself. I have received a 100% pardon for a sentence of death! There was a time when I kept quiet and said nothing. I was given eternity and I kept the salvation I received quietly in my back pocket, as if it were a “Hell Insurance Card”. What a waste of God’s Grace and Mercy on me. It seems as if “Dumb” has been running around this world like the black plague. People accept Jesus as Savior, then they just quietly sit around while the rest of the world rides a rocket ship to Hell. How “Dumb” is that? Christian, we have the answer to the sin question, to eternal life and to a current life of abundance. So, why do we keep quiet? Speak boldly the name of Jesus. Share your testimony! Speak life into this dying world and stop being so “Dumb”…..

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