Priorities…. I’m sure that mine aren’t in the correct order. After all, I do have the tendency to fulfill my desires over what God desires for me. Now, before you get all judgmental, look in the mirror and ask yourself how devoted you are to God. I know the areas I need to improve, but do you know yours? I know that I could be reading a devotional instead of playing 3 hours of video games. I know I could watch some preaching on-line instead of watching a 2 hour show about deer hunting. So, is it wrong to want to do things that make us happy? The answer is No! God didn’t create us to be mindless robots. We have free will, emotions, desires, wants, needs and creativity flowing through our souls. God wants us to have life and have it more abundantly. But, if we are not careful, our desires can override God’s Will for our lives, and then we can go down a path that He never wanted us to go down. We can become blinded by our own desires and ambitions. So, what’s the answer for too much deer hunting, video games and too little devotional time? The answer is balance. If I’m spending 90% of my time pleasing my own desires, well, that leaves very little time for me to pray, serve and grow in my relationship with Christ. I’ve learned over the past few years in my walk with Christ this valuable lesson. When I put Him first, He fulfills the desires of my heart. Need proof? I now have more land than I can physically hunt, I have more video games than I could ever play, and I have unlimited resources for studying His Word. I have begun to put God first more and more in my life. Which reminds me, He put me in first place when He paid for my sins on the Cross. Good thing He had His priorities in order…..

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