When I lay my head down tonight, I’m one day closer to being in the presence of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Most people would say, “I want to go to Heaven, but I don’t want to go now.” I love my family, I enjoy this life God has given me, but I am ready at any moment to finally see Jesus face to face. But, until then, I will focus on being a good father, husband and friend. I will focus on The Lord’s Will for me to continue to be a Pastor. I will gladly serve Him and do my best to be a Godly example to others. Knowing where I’m going when I leave this earth is a peaceful piece of valuable information, in which I gladly share with others. When I lay my head down at night, worry and stress disappear into the thought of being one day closer to being with my Lord Jesus. That makes me truly joyful and excited about my future. Which, by the way, is fully guaranteed because of the finished works of Jesus my Lord. I’m not as sinful as I was yesterday, I made a few mistakes today and praise God my tomorrow is in Jesus’ Hands….. Another Day Closer

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