Greetings Heritage Baptists Church, Grace, Peace and much Joy from our Lord Jesus. I Kevin, write to you with much urgency. It has come to my attention that your efforts for Christ have been rewarded with a plot of land. Glory to God for this provision, may you use it to bring God Glory and Honor. Such a provision is indeed one that will bless a great many. Be sure to not go the way Ananias and Saphira, for indeed they reaped an abundance of death for their unfaithfulness an unwilling ness to surrender all….

But You Heritage, have the faith of Abraham. A willingness to be obedient regardless of the obstacles. Where Abraham was ready to give his son up for death, He knew so knowing God had the power over death! You Heritage, have that unconditional faith also, which in turn will be tested in the days to come.

God’s vision for you is beyond all you could ever comprehend. But, nevertheless, He who provided mana from heaven in the form of land, with provide for all the needs for your efforts for Him. Go preach and teach the gospel of our Lord Jesus! In His life, death and resurrection is the power to overcome… Take that message, the message of the cross and share it with everyone. Love unconditional, Serve with Compassion and Intention and never let go of what you have been taught the The Holy Spirit. Blessings to you all. Send my regards to Bobby, may he bring me my coat from the camper. To Bo and Ann, keep Jake from falling away and reward Hannah for her obedience to Christ. To Ophelia, Mary, Ann and Sandra, bless you for your many meals which have been prepared to feed the saints in Reynolds. Stay faithful to Christ, be loving to each other and reach out for those that blinded by their sins….shine His light….. Kevin

P.S. Tell Jennifer is a girl…..


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