There’s absolutely nothing special about me. I’m just an unschooled ordinary man. I come from a small town. I have a small family and you won’t find my anywhere near the top 100 most successful people in America. With that being said, I am who I am. I’m Kevin Martin from Albany, Ga. A place I actually refer to as “Agony”, Ga. If God can save a kid’s soul from Albany, Ga, He can save anyone from anywhere! My speech has a southern draw, I tend to not alway speak elegant words, I am who I am. I’m thankful for being able to hunt, fish and spend time with my family. I like ketchup on mostly everything, I am who I am. I make mistakes, miss the mark and fall short of God’s Glory, I am who I am. The Good News for this ordinary man is this, because of Christ, because of His sacrifice for me, I’m saved and set free, I am who He says I am! So, remember it’s ok to be ordinary. It’s ok to be low key and low brow, You are who You are, but praise God Jesus is the “ I Am” you need when you need Him to be…. Your His, I’m His…We are who we are and I am what I am.

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