I’ve noticed a theme in who God picks to do His Work. It didn’t take my Theology Degree to figure it out, it only took a simple observation. God choices “Ordinary” people to serve Him. There was nothing special about the Apostle Peter. He was an ordinary fisherman. Now if you know anything about fishing, it can be a smelly and dirty job. Long hours, various types of weather and the never ending boat and net repairs. I’m fairly sure, Peter was a good fisherman, but he was just an average man. He worked hard, provided for his family and was probably happy with his chosen profession. But Jesus saw something in Peter. Jesus saw who Peter would become. Jesus saw Peter’s potential and chose him when He told Peter to “Follow Him”. As Peter learned from Christ, he grew stronger in his faith. As Christ was arrested, Peter quickly denied he ever knew Christ. Peter had the same issues we have today. When times get tough, we deny God’s ability to use us ordinary people to overcome difficulties. We forget that God, who is “Extraordinary”, can use the “Ordinary” to accomplish the “Impossible”. Will you allow God to use you or will you deny Him the opportunity to create life into Impossible situations?

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