It’s been 8 years since you went home to Christ. I still hear your voice. I can still taste your banana pudding and hear your laughter. Your impact on my ministry, even though it started the day after you passed, has been unbelievable. I have a passion for young people knowing who Christ is because of you. You never met a stranger, I get that from you. You never knew when to stop talking, yep, that was passed on to me also. Your honesty and unfiltered opinions, unfortunately, that also was gifted to me. Mom, I miss you. I’m not as sad today, as I was when you went. Time does heal our broken hearts. If I could some how travel back in time, to the day before you passed on, I would have hugged you longer, kissed your cheek and said thank you for giving me life. Your still on my mind and still in my heart and fortunately for me, you run through my veins. Until we see each other again, may your wisdom keep me humble, focused and patient….Love You, your Son, Kevin

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