This past weekend, I had the wonderful privilege to lead an inner city youth retreat. This retreat was placed on my heart over two years ago. As I was lead by The Holy Spirit, every piece of the puzzle began to come together. On the first evening of camp, I introduced myself to all of the young men. These young men were from several group homes in Columbus. Some were placed there because of behavior, others because of failed parenting. Many lacked the love and care of a family unit. But, each of them were eager and excited to enjoy their camp experience. As the volunteers taught them how to fish, how to canoe and shoot a bow, their willingness to talk to me during and after our teaching sessions, began to increase. I heard some really troubling stories of physical , emotional and sexual abuse. These young men needed an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on. As the weekend continued, we drew closer to Saturday evening. We had planned on having a time of worship and a brief lesson on God’s love for them. As the worship music was played and sung, the young men stood, quietly listening to the words of the songs. The songs explained the love of God, His Mercy and His Grace. After the songs were over, it was my turn to play my role in God’s plan for the weekend. So what do you tell a group of young men who have been abused, kicked to the curb and thrown to wolves? You tell them how valuable they are! I explained their worth. I told them that God sent Jesus to pay for their sins. I told them Jesus died for them because He loves them dearly. I explained the hope in The Resurrection and the promise of a better future. I gave a simple message of Love. Then, God’s power went on full display. As the alter call was given, numerous young men came to the alter to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. Here we were, in the middle of the woods, with kids who were unchurched, experiencing God’s mighty Love and Power! God can save anyone, anywhere, anytime and use anyone to share His Redemption story…. It was an amazing display of Power!

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