Hospice….. A word in which I really never thought about until recently. Two weeks ago, today, my father had a heart attack. Then a week later, he was back in the hospital with more problems. As we prayed for answers, we only got the answers we weren’t looking for. You see, my Dad has a bad heart. He needs surgery, but no doctors are willing to attempt surgery on him in his condition. So, we made a difficult choice for hospice. We’ve brought in hospice care to manage Dad’s illness and to make him comfortable. Now, no one knows when they’ll die, what day or what hour, but you can sometimes see the writing on the wall. That being said, my Father has chose to go out with a fight and with dignity. Now, there’s no worries about his eternal destination, his salvation is in the hands of Christ. As my Dad begins the end stages of his life, I find myself going through this valley with him. It’s hard seeing your parents get old. It’s difficult watching them get sick. But, there’s no advoiding it. We can’t go around it. We have to go through it or over it. Life is full of these moments of affliction and adversity. As we traverse the depths or mountain peaks, we must remind ourselves that we are not alone. God is with us, He goes through it with us, He goes over it with us and one day soon, He’ll welcome us home…….

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