Any church can draw people in with upbeat music, tons of extracurricular activities and an all inclusive atmosphere. When preachers preach messages that feel good, sound good and avoid offending people, crowds flock like birds to a field full of seed. This is where we find the church today, in a competition of entertainment with the world. The church has become more worldly and less Godly. Pleasing people will draw them in, because pleasure appeals to the flesh. The church is to share the gospel of Christ, nothing more. To go and make disciples, baptize them in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost. If the church is more into programs, entertainment and appealing to people’s desires, it’s lead by the flesh. Preach and teach The Gospel of Christ. The Word of God will draw people in, no need to use artificial bait to catch fish for Jesus. Use the message of the cross….. it worked for Paul the Apostle, it’ll work for us now. Times have changed, people have not.Does this mean you cannot use programs to bring people in, no it does not. What it does mean is this, if you live
what you preach, people will be drawn to Christ in you.

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