The story of David and Goliath holds a truth that many people fail to see. This truth can be found if you look for it. In this story in 1st Samuel 17, we read about the giant Philistine named Goliath who walks on the field of battle for 40 days taunting the Israelites. This man Goliath is a giant of a man. He’s covered in armour, has a massive spear and an aggressive attitude to match his look. David on the other hand is just a shepherd. But, when we think about being a shepherd, we forget how challenging it is to protect sheep. Before ever hearing about Goliath, David had been fending off lions and bears for years as a shepherd. The Bible tells us that David killed a lion and a bear before meeting up on the battlefield with Goliath. David was prepared for battle and being prepared can be rewarding. As David walked onto the battlefield to meet Goliath, he didn’t hesitate, he didn’t back down. David walked on the field of battle with bold confidence and slew the giant. We too can slay giants if we’re prepared. The Word of God is full of inspiration and truth that can prepare us for daily battlefield situations. We can be bold and stand firm in God’s Word. His Word will never fail…. So, Be Prepared and win the Spiritual Battles, one giant at a time.

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