Went and sat with Dad this morning. He asked me how it was looking. By it, he wanted to know what the doctors have told me. I told him that looks can be deceiving and to know that even as death approaches, we have bold confidence in Christ. It took all I could do to say those words. To muster up the courage to speak life instead of death. Truth is, his body is failing him. He looks weaker each day I go see him, but his spirit is so strong. He has a peace in his voice that has grown stronger within these last few weeks. As I got ready to leave, he said let’s pray. So, I stood over my Dad, putting my hand on his right shoulder, with a quivering voice and prayed. I thanked God for peace and comfort. I thanked God for the doctors,nurses and staff that have been caring for him. I asked God to give my Dad peace in his heart, in his mind and in his soul. As I finished my prayer, Dad began to pray. He only said a few words. He said “Lord, keep my son strong and bless him….”
Even in death, Dad is thinking about me.

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