Life is full of changes. As we grow older, we can gain weight, lose hair and develop aches and pains in muscles we did not even know we had. Also there are changes in living situations. Jobs come and go, neighbors move away, love ones die and new ones are born. Changes can bring pain or they can bring joy. The point is that whatever change you are going through, you need to remember that it’s not the ride that defines the destination. I remember a camping trip I took with a youth group from church when I was a child. It was the longest,hottest bus ride ever. The bus was old, beat up and had bad shocks. Every bump we hit made my stomach turn inside out. All I could think about was getting off that old beat up bus. All I wanted to do was go back home and rest. I lost all interest in where I was going and what fun I was going to have. I let that old beat up bus take away the joy of knowing that I was about to have the time of my young life. I was focusing on the now instead of focusing on the PRIZE. We all need to stop focusing on the "Bus Rides" of life and start focusing on the one who is in control of the "BUS". After all, the road we go down may be bumpy, but when we allow Jesus to drive the "Bus", the road gets smoother and the destination gets closer. Keep the faith,keep it visible and keep sharing it with others. Let someone know today what a difference The Lord has made in your life. I know I will

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